Psychic Readings and Private Sittings

1440858774314Psychic Readings: Tuning into the Energy Field

The term “psychic” stems from the Greek word “psyche”, which means soul, essence, spirit. A psychic reading is an exchange of information from one soul to the other. This may deal with the here and now, but also with your personal history, obstacles, stumbling blocks and challenges. I give you an insight into how to empower yourself and how to reach your true potential.

I’m not a mind reader and I don’t predict the future or the winning lottery ticket, sorry 🙂 . What you do with the information is your personal responsibility. Sometimes I may start with a psychic reading and it naturally flows into a mediumistic session.

Private Sittings: Bridge between Two Worlds

During a private sitting I communicate with the Spirit World and attempt to pass on the information I receive as directly and honestly as possible. This may deal with facts from the life of the deceased, physical traits, shared memories, manner of passing, etc. Besides giving recognizable and verifiable facts, it’s also important to make the loving presence of the deceased known and felt. This is done through a description of the character, emotions and personality of the deceased.

 Life goes on on the other side, only without physical and mental discomfort or handicaps. People who “pass away” maintain their personality, but with greater insight and a greater, more loving consciousness. They want to let you know they’re still here and support you. Your loved ones, family, friends and acquaintances are just a thought away and come with much love and often with a beautiful and touching personal message.

Readings and Private Sittings can be done by Skype.