The art of simplicity

During a distant healing I open myself up to the loving, healing energy and I am merely a vehicle. My great-great-grandmother was already into this and I am grateful to be able to continue the family tradition. Distant healing is as strong as ‘hands on’ healing, so you can have the benefits of the healing-energies in your own house.

Although I am trained in several forms of healing, I choose not to give a specific name to the healing frequencies. It is my belief that you can’t put a patent on Nature, Universal Intelligence, Divine Energy, God, or whatever name you wish to attach to it. In the end, all forms of healing come out of one primordial soup, which no one can claim for their own.The healings support the regenerative power of the body and are extremely relaxing, allowing the deeper mental, emotional and spiritual layers to be affected as well.


Like children, animals respond to the healing frequency in a pure and direct manner. They sense when they’ve received enough and communicate this perfectly. With an abused or neglected animal, a healing can have a soothing and health-giving effect on the animal’s soul.

You can send me your name, the name of the child or animal and I’ll place you/them on my healing list.