Free Spirit

The power of sound and intention

During a mediumistic course in the Belgian Ardennes in 2007 I was searching for ley lines and visited a small church. I felt the irresistable urge to sing and started with one single note, after which came a second note, followed by a melody. I became this melody and the melody sang my life’s story.


At the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, I got the chance to sing on the stage of the “Sanctuary” and in class. The responses I received were exceptional: people saw colours and vortices, experienced powerful emotions, causing the body to vibrate tangibly. Some people even gained new insights in life. In my quest for more knowledge I have attended several workshops at home and abroad through the years, among which one with Jill Purce in London, England.

At the Hospice Bethlehem, where I worked as a volunteer, I sometimes sang for the guests. I also visit people who are “in their final phase” at home. They are taken on an often emotional, wondrous journey to other worlds, the pain diminishes or sometimes completely disappears and they experience a sense of relaxation and security.

During a visit to a care centre in Bilthoven, the Netherlands, I sang for a lady with Parkinson’s Disease. Her trembling movements started to decrease and eventually ceased altogether. This again proves the power of music!

In 2012 I completed my meditative sound healing CD “Free Spirit”, of which all proceeds go the Hospice. Renowned British medium Mavis Pittilla has written a few wonderful lines on the sleeve cover and back and I feel very grateful to have been able to do this project. Within an unexpectedly short time, the CD has been sold around the world and applied for personal healing, but also during meditation and yoga lessons.

The project is closed, all the CD’s are sold!

cover CD

 “This CD represents a beautiful combination of voice and sound which allows the mind and senses to relax and meander bringing peace and tranquility. You are taken on a journey which leads you to a place of your own, it is unique and individual. The haunting melodies and the ethereal voice raises the awareness of something beyond self and everyone who listens will be touched at the root of their emotions. This is beauty through sound. I recommend it to you with love.” (Mavis Pittilla)