Inspirational talk about the power of music

The Power of Music

Monic Bakker is an inspirational speaker from the Netherlands, who  has overcome tremendous obstacles in her life to become the woman she is today. Her life motto is: ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!’ and she is living proof of this, which makes her grateful for every moment.

She is also an excelent spiritualist medium with a strong belief that the Divine Power is always around us and we are all part of it. She teaches people to trust in their own power by finding the divinity within themselves, within others and within life.

Music plays a big role in her life’s story and within her mediumship. Monic will talk about how the power of music can help in your journey of life, heal your emotional wounds and lift up your heart and spirit to a feeling of being alive and full of bliss. She will end her talk with an inspired soul song which will touch you deeply.