About me

My name is Monic Bakker and I live in the beautiful, nature-rich town of Nijmegen, in the South East of the Netherlands. I am a Spiritualist medium, dedicated to working for Spirit and I love teaching my workshop in Music and Mediumship, as well as working on the platform as an inspirational speaker and demonstrator of mediumship.

Since 2007 I have been studying mediumship both in the Netherlands and England. I regularly follow courses at the beautiful Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England and attend several workshops conducted by British tutors in the Netherlands. In 2013 I succesfully completed the ‘Mentorship Programme’ of British renowned medium Mavis Pittilla in Ashford, England. In September 2016 I passed the PAS (Platform Accreditation Scheme in Demonstrating and Speaking) in Cardiff, Wales. In April 2018 I obtained my CSNU in Speaking and Demonstrating of Mediumship in Portsmouth UK.

I am a member of the English Spiritualist’s National Union and the SNUI, where I run my own class about ‘Music and Mediumship’, as well as co-hosting ‘Back to Natural Mediumship’ classes.  My heart is in all forms of natural mediumship and particularly ‘Soundhealing’. It is fascinating to observe how music, and especially the voice, can deeply touch the soul of the listener and can relax and heal the person on different levels.

Besides my love for natural foods, health and the relationship between the two, I have a keen interest in developing natural mediumship, in myself as well as others. I find the combination of the scientific, spiritual and philosophical aspects  fascinating. They all complement one another and share the same essence. I am particularly interested in the role music plays therein and how the Spirit World do love to use music in their communication with us.

We are all intuitive beings, it is our birth right. This is naturally stronger in one person than in another. But it’s who we originally are, spiritual beings having an earthly experience. It is my personal conviction that the more we become independent and free-thinking and feeling individuals with a loving and spiritual consciousness, the more we are able to create ‘heaven on earth’ together. springtime