Afterlife Global Gathering Deel 1

Blij om op de Afterlife Global Gathering te vertellen over mijn passie Muziek en Mediumschap.Voel je welkom op zondag 20 januari om 21.00 uur in Zoom

“MUSIC AND MEDIUMSHIP Monic Bakker lives in the Netherlands and has been studying mediumship there and at the Arthur Findlay College in England since 2007. In 2013 she completed a mentorship program with Mavis Pittilla and she has a Certificate by the SNU in Speaking and Demonstrating Mediumship.

She will be our guest on the Zoom Global Gathering next Sunday (8 p.m. London time 3 pm New York Time; 12 noon Pacific; 8 pm; 7 am Monday Sydney time) to talk about the power of music and sound as a bridge between heaven and earth and about her Music and Mediumship workshops. To join us click the link
Co-ordinator: Wendy Zammit”